Dynamic Health ®
Our flagship product Dynamic Health® provides a fully web based case management, communication and information tool for Client support and eTherapy that enables mental health services to improve the ways they connect with and support the people who use their services. It makes it easier for people looking for support to access the people providing support.

The Dynamic Health platform includes a front end public client portal for client interaction, a backend portal for support staff interaction and an enterprise class backend service to keep the whole system running. We also provide data conversions from 3rd party or legacy systems.

The system integrates with 3rd party systems/services/channels like the central Australian Government 'My Health Record' system. It enables mental health services to connect service-to-service and also link with other and with the communication and information tools. It makes it easier for service to work together and make the most of modern technology.

The design aspect has three components:

At the heart of the system is an information bank that records the important details about the people accessing mental health services and the services they receive. Knowledge is power, and the information collected in Dynamic Health supports mental health staff to comprehensively triage and know the people accessing support and for the organisation to understand and report on the community they serve. For the people accessing support it means their recovery journey is known by the service – they do not have to re-tell their story time and again and can get support that’s personalised to their background and current situation.

The doorway to the system is broad and makes the most of modern technology. Known as ‘multi-channel communications’, Dynamic Health provides person-to-person communication via

• Email
• Web Chat / Video / Whiteboarding *  
• Text / SMS
• Phone
• Online Forms
• More coming soon...

Every contact is logged next to a persons’ information record which means that the records are ‘whole records’ – the personal details and services provided and communications are all sorted in the same place. One person, one record and all ring-fenced within the secure boundries of the system.

The final piece of the jigsaw is the most important – the mental health service itself. Who do you serve and what do you provide? Dynamic Health provides a flexible system of clinical notes & forms and workflow that is designed by the services to best represent what they do. The system is purposefully ‘service neutral’ so any age group, cultural group, mental health are or service modality can be supported. This means the system is tailored to the service, even if a single mental health service provides different services.

Dynamic Health is currently being used by large service providers in both Australia and New Zealand.

XAVENTA Insurance Administration Platform

XAVENTA is a bespoke, state of the art solution aimed at MGAs/MGUs and intermediaries requiring a modern and secure platform to manage their risk business (Life, Non-Life, Health):
• Cloud based
• Accessible via PC and tablet
• Allows user to create own products
• Multiple layers of authorisation and control
• Dynamic Product Configuration
• GDPR compliant
• Affordable pricing: One-off implementation plus Pay-per-Use fee

In conjunction with HealthTRX and the University of Auckland, Department of General Practise & Primary Health Care we developed the e-CHAT electronic form of the NZ-developed Case-finding and Help Assessment Tool (CHAT). This helps identify patients with lifestyle issues (such as problematic smoking, drinking, recreational drug use, gambling, exposure to abuse, physical inactivity) and mental health issues (depression, anxiety, difficulty with anger control). Patients can identity whether they want help with one or more of these issues and whether they would like this during the booked consultation or would like to come back later to deal with this.

The system was developed as a web-based system with a compueter internet browser-friendly back office module and an iPad-friendly questionnaire module that is utilised by patients within a clinic.

We developed a sophisticated dynamic questionnaire engine and reporting tool to cater for the complex branching and reporting requirements.

Custom Line of Business Solution Partnerships
Collectively we have decades of formal software development experience spanning multiple industries including finance, insurance, banking, investment, venestration, construction, estimating, accounting, retail, configuration, etc and spanning multiple technologies including Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server, WCF, Microsoft LightSwitch, Silverlight, Classic ASP, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, MySQL, Interbase, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. We have significant experience in systems integration with large/complex government based cloud sevices.

We have qualified software engineers, scrum masters, project managers, infrastructure specialists and industry specialists allowing us to provide you with the best possible custom software development experience possible. We pride ourselves on our iterative agile development methodology where we put emphasis on a formal structure that includes substantial user and unit testing of all code before releasing to our customers. We would be happy to provide formal references if required.

All of the above put is in a unique position to develop custom vertical market Line Of Business (LOB) software solutions where we partner with our customers to jointly develop solutions in virtually any industry. Give us a try and you will be impressed at our ability to come up with innovative solutions to your software problems! We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly master new technology and use innovative solutions.