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Dynamic Health: Rostering and Calendaring July 2019

Dynamic Health 3 now incorporates a comprehensive service and clinician rostering module, including client appointments. Services, clinician availability and client appointments can now be managed in one integrated place and forms part of the overal clinical system.

Dynamic Health 3 released - April 2019

Dynamic Health 3 was released successfully on 3 April 2019 and marks the third major release of the platform. The most prominent enhancement in this release is a new web application UI that has been re-engineered from the gound up using the latest web development technology. The new UI technology lays the foundation for implementing our roadmap over the medium term.


Dynamic Health: Multi-Programme Support - November 2017

The latest version of Dynamic Health 2 now officially supports Multiple Programmes within one installation. This means that a service provider can provide multiple support programmes within Dynamic Health, where clients in the system can be subscribed to one or more support programmes.

All support and counselling services provided to a client within one programme is ring-fenced within that programme, counsellors have the ability to view and interact with clients across all configured programmes.

Each programme can optionally have a separate client portal if required.

With the addition of multi-programme support in Dynamic Health, service providers can now have one single system to support all their counselling services with a single database and unified set of reports.


FileChimp launched at - October 2017

We have launched a free version file transfer service at utilising our FileBus technology. FileChimp allows a user to send a file to anyone with an email address without having to register first.

Although FileChimp does not provide all the enterprise features of FileBus, it still allows you to password protect files being sent. For more features please consider instead.


FileBus launched at  - September 2017

After a number of requests from our customers for help in transferring files securely to and from their business partners and clients, we developed our own secure file transfer cloud service, specifically built to run on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

FileBus makes it easy to transfer file bundles securely to and from your clients and business partners in the geolocation of your choice, using only your browser, to meet data safe harbour and privacy restrictions. At launch we offer geolocations in Australia, Western USA and Western Europe, with more to follow as customer demand grows. FileBus also offers private on premise geolocation storage under the custom plan for those customers that want to keep their data inside their own networks.

FileBus makes it easy to send files and receive flies securely to recipients outside your organisation, without having to create user accounts for those users. Multiple forms of authentication is supported for both FileBus users and recipients.

FileBus can also be used as a secure cloud based file store. All files and file transfers are encrypted using industry strength encryption and is securely hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure that meets industry security standards.

FileBus is an MH Interactive venture and was launched on 15 May 2017 and can be accessed by going to


My Health Record Australia – Integration project completed - February 2017

‘My Health Record’ is an electronic summary of individuals' key health information, drawn from their existing medical records, and is designed to be integrated into existing local clinical systems. It aims to give healthcare providers access to client information such as medications, test results, discharge summaries, allergies, immunisations, etc.

We’ve successfully enhanced our Dynamic Health ® platform to be able to securely share information with the Australian government’s Healthcare Identifiers Service and the My Health Record Systems. This fully integrated solution will ensure that clinicians can view (or add to) their clients’ centralised digital health records.

Dynamic Health was certified for My Health Record production access on 2 Feb 2017.


Happy anniversary Dynamic Health 2.0 !

On July 1, 2016 we are celebrating the first anniversary of the go-live in Australia of our new and innovative Dynamic Health 2.0 software platform that was engineered from the ground up to utilise a modern web based technology. Thank you to our customers and staff for making this a world class platform and we look forward to may more anniversaries.


Headspace highlights from 2014/2015

MH interactive provide our Dynamic Health system to support eheadspace in Australia, you can watch a review of their progress here: headspace Year in Review 2014-2015


The Journal changed home

On 1 November 2015 the Journal depression programme was relocated from the previous povider to Homecare Medical as part of the national Telehealth service. MH Interactive successfully migrated the database and Dynamic Health application software to a new infrastructure provider selected by Homecare Medical. We continue to support this award winning depression programme through Dynamic Health.


Dynamic Health 2.0 Launched

Our fully web based Dynamic Health 2.0 product was successfully launched in Australia on 1 July 2015 to power the backend of providing mental health case management, support and communication services to young people aged 16 to 25 across all of Australia. Version 2.0 of our flag ship product was a complete redevelopment using our expertise in the field of supporting mental health services in both Australia and New Zealand. We provided a seamless data migration process to move all data from version 1 to version 2 without any service down time. The best compliment we probably received was that clinicians came in to work on the morning of July 1 without any interruption to their work.


Winners at the 2014 IPA Effectiveness Awards in London!

The on-line mental health programme “The Journal” for FCB and the Ministry of Health in New Zealand that runs on MH Interactive's Dynamic Health system has picked up another international award in London. Possibly the most challenging effectiveness awards in the world: