slider1MH Interactive provides communication and information tools that enables mental and other related support services to improve the ways they connect with the people who use their support and services. It makes it easier for people looking for support to access the services and people providing support and improves the effectiveness, care and reach of those services. Generally known as 'telehealth' or 'e-Health' or 'e-Therapy' the system caters for on-line real-time chat counseling, phone and person-to-person counceling. Case management is facilitated throughout the entire support journey with comprehensive and secure clinical record keeping.

Mental Health Care and Health Care in general is changing. Online and mobile technologies are connecting people to information, services and peer support. Self-help tools guide people with directed learning and activities to meet their needs and aspirations. People, their families and carers are 'owning' the recovery journey. Organisations are enhancing traditional services and improving outcomes with cost-effective and easily-administered options that are accessible anytime, anywhere and across all platforms.

We also provide systems for insurance policy administration and secure file transfer and storage.

Dynamic Health : Enterprise class systems for world class Support Programmes

Our enterprise class online Dynamic Health® system is utilised by a number of large mental health support providers and offers a comprehensive solution covering the entire spectrum of mental health support services from the client through to the service provider. It supports popular Content Managment Systems (CMS) at the front-end with client registration, authentication, real-time communication, data collection, triaging, request pool management, session hand-overs, care plans, client archiving, tasks, care of duty, workforce scheduling, appointments, support staff skill set management, data encryption and more.

In addition to health services, we also develop custom vertical market Line Of Business (LOB) software solutions for a select number of large customers across a number of vertical industries. We are fully committed to running all our solutions in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Our solutions are implemented in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Primary industries:

  • Mental Health
  • General Wellness and Wellbeing Support Programmes
  • Primary Health
  • Insurance
  • PPSA (Personal Properties Securities Act)
  • Secure Digital Storage Solutions

XAVENTA Insurance Administration Platform

XAVENTA is a bespoke, state of the art solution aimed at MGAs/MGUs and intermediaries requiring a modern and secure platform to manage their risk business (Life, Non-Life, Health):

  • Cloud based
  • Accessible via PC and tablet
  • Allows user to create own products
  • Multiple layers of authorisation and control
  • Dynamic Product Configuration
  • GDPR compliant
  • Affordable pricing: One-off implementation plus Pay-per-Use fee

FileBus : Managed File Transfer in multiple geographic locations

FileBus® makes Managed File Transfer easy, using only your browser and nothing to install!

You can securely send or request files, or simply upload files into storage for backup and future download or distribution. You can track who sent what files, and when, and whether they were successfully received. FileBus® is suitable for personal and business use.

You can benefit from FileBus® under any of the following scenarios, where you:

•  Send or receive files to and from 3rd parties
•  Send or receive sensitive files as email attachments
•  Have trouble transferring or distributing large files
•  Need to comply with data sovereignty regulations
•  Sharing files with 3rd parties via folders and want to ensure that one recipient cannot accidentally get access to another recipient’s files
•  Do not wish to create user accounts for recipients outside of your organisation
•  Require full audit trailing of all file transfer and admin operations
•  Require a level of abstraction between your internal file system and file transfers
•  Need an alternative secure cloud based backup for sensitive files

FileBus® supports role and permission based security. For additional security, file downloads may also be restricted by IP address and be time restricted. All data is encrypted using industry standard encryption.

Multi-factor authentication is supported for FileBus® users through SMS and Google and Microsoft Authenticator apps. Recipient authentication is supported via 3rd Party Logins (Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc), SMS code, FileBus® logins or though specifying a temporary password.

Organisations can set up workspaces to hold files in any of the supported Microsoft Azure hosted geolocations like Australia, West US and Western Europe, as well as custom on premises storage geolocations. More geolocations can easily be added.